Photo Gallery -- Do you want to see Lucinda's?

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Lucinda's Country Inn
6701 Perry Creek Rd.
Fair Play, CA 95684
888.245.8246 or 530.409.4169


Fresh scent of beautiful flowers fills the air. Come to experience all the fun to be enjoyed here in Fair Play. You can see the snow capped mountains from many locations around Fair Play. 

The trellis with the hanging plants makes the upper patio enjoyable for morning coffee or afternoon wine.

To enjoy yourself here at Lucinda's Country Inn just
Click Here.


Our sign is at the edge of Perry Creek Rd. just past (or before - depending on your direction) a yellow diamond shaped school bus stop sign which is about 30 feet away from the driveway. The driveway is steep.  It is scary to some drivers, but once you start down you'll be fine.

Lucinda's Country Inn
6701 Perry Creek Rd.
Fair Play, CA 95684
888.245.8246 or 530.409.4169


There is always a puzzle waiting for you to help finish. Here Beverly Wang & June Boyd, both from Texas, just finished one puzzle and started a unique round puzzle.


Trees shade the rear deck in the early morning. The building shades the rear deck from mid-afternoon. The outdoor fireplace allows us to use the deck early in the spring and later in the fall, depending on the rains.


The lower patio is now ready for guests to visit, sit and while away the time or enjoy a glass or two of wine. We offer breakfast in the gazebo visible on the back left.


Omelets to order make people feel special: they pick what the want. It meets the desires of meat lovers and vegetarians. Daryl finishes the omelets.


You are free to roam around the property. Just a quick reminder, there are critters and snakes in the foothills. We have not seen any rattlers ourselves, but they are around. Be alert!

Most walkers like the trip to Pioneer Park, just .8 mile with some hills. The park has large open areas for walking. (This is the safest place to walk in Fair Play.) You can take your picnic for a quiet afternoon meal before your wine tasting.

To enjoy yourself here at Lauinda's Country Inn just Click Here.


Weekend afternoon snacks and wine are served at this tasting bar. The snacks are cheese, meats and crackers; most of the time. Sometimes we have special goodies. You just have to come more often if you have missed the special goodies. We feature Fair Play wineries by doing a white from one and a red from another. Mostly we taste the newer wineries and the smaller ones.

(c) Lucinda's Country Inn & Photos by Daryl Sullivan 2004-2014