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Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Year Increases

2011 is starting off as a great year. Our weather so far has been very pleasant considering it's only early February. Temperatures have been in the high 50's to mid-60's for the last few weeks. Mostly sunny and little wind. Our little corner of paradise. And, we are beginning to see increases in our bookings.

Speaking of increases, you must have noticed by now how food prices have increased dramatically. Sugar has almost doubled in price and the size of the package has been reduced from 5 pounds to 4 pounds. Milk has gone up, so has meat, juices, and produce: almost everything keeps creaping up there. The size of most brands' orange juice cartons has been reduced from 64 ounces to 54 ounces. Other products are also reducing the size of their packages. That's the sneaky way of raising the prices without raising the price tags.  

 Here at the Inn we have always shopped at the big box store, Sam's, so we have enjoyed the larger size discounts compared to the single item purcahses. The problem is now that is even getting close to being out of control. As we stated on the home page of the website we are NOT raising our rates. We believe it is important that you enjoy Lucinda's the way you always have, great rooms, great hospitality, and delicious food.

 We always look forward to you returning to our humble, comfortable  establishment. 

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